Treating & Preventing Cavities in Young Children

Basic Oral Care

Young children face the risks of cavities due to their diet and the amount of candy they consume on a daily basis. It is your duty as a parent to prevent cavities in your children, since good oral health care is a necessity at a young age. It can also help diffuse serious dental care problems in the future as well, and dentists advise parents to be highly meticulous about proper oral health care for their young ones.

Preventing Cavities in Young Children

The primary way to ensure that your child never acquires cavities is to promote regular teeth brushing. It is advised that young children should be taught to brush twice a day on a regular basis, once at night and once in the morning. This will help curb the problem of tooth decay and also promote proper dental hygiene amongst your precious little angels. Here are some of the best techniques you can use in order to prevent cavities in young children:

No Soft Drinks before Bedtime

Young children love soft drinks and if you don’t monitor their intake of it, they will consume it night and day. These drinks are highly acidic and contain a high amount of sugar in them. The ideal scenario would be to discourage the drinking of these drinks altogether, but if your young ones are into the habit of drinking juices or milk before going to bed, then you should stop this activity. The acids from the juice and the milk will stick to the enamel of the teeth and will damage the young baby teeth, as well as adult teeth later on.

Limit the Intake of Sugary Sweets

Young kids also love sugary sweets, and obviously they do deserve to enjoy them, but in moderation. You should treat your young ones to the occasion sugary sweets but keep a firm check on their intake of these sweets as it can damage their teeth and promote the buildup of plaque. Keep the treats to a minimum and reserve them for when the children really deserve them, as too many sugary sweets can cause problems related to cavities for young children.

Tooth Sealants

Tooth sealants are a great way to prevent cavities in your children. They basically cover the pitted surfaces and grooves of the teeth and prevent the trapping of food particles in the mouth. This means that your child will have a significantly less chance of plaque buildup in the mouth whilst also minimizing the risks of tooth decay and cavities. It is advised that you should consult with your dentist before getting tooth sealant for young children.

If you want to prevent the buildup of cavities in your children then you should consider getting bi annual dental examinations for your young ones. This will help the dentist judge the current condition of your child’s teeth and also provide dental tips on good oral health care for your young children. This will lessen the chances of your child ever having acquiring cavities and thereby never having to experience the loss of their tooth.

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