Things You Need to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth!

Wisdom Teeth

Over the course of your life, you will undoubtedly have to deal with the problem of wisdom teeth. Not many people look forward to developing their wisdom teeth, since the experience is a particularly excruciating one and may cause pain and swelling around the area where they are forming before they are removed eventually.

Sometimes the wisdom tooth maybe removed even before they have fully formed, due to other teeth getting crooked on an infection developing because of it. This makes you wonder what the purpose of wisdom teeth is anyway, since they only act as a nuisance. The sharp pain you get when your wisdom teeth are developing can be extremely painful and cause you a lot of grief and stress.

People who have had bad experiences with wisdom teeth usually get their children's wisdom teeth removed at the earliest possible time to ensure that they don't have to go through that.

Things You Need to Know

In order to understand the significance of wisdom teeth, we would need to go back in time and look at how our early ancestors used these teeth and how they dealt with them. Since the early man mostly ate raw food and fruits; they needed the extra molars to chew properly. These teeth helped them digest tough food such as, raw meat, nuts and roots.

They also used to have larger jaws, so the problem of the teeth overcrowding was non-existent, since they were accommodated easily in the larger jaw. Our jaws in comparison are smaller and therefore we find it annoying having to deal with them, plus our diet is much more refined than our ancestors.

The Modern Day Diet

We cook our food with much more precision and almost all the products are processed and refined so we don't require any extra molars to help chew and break down the food. Our teeth also tend to develop in different stages, and don't even properly start forming till the age of 10.

Wisdom teeth on the other hand, start developing from the ages of 17-25, and they are named 'wisdom teeth' because we are perceived to have gained more wisdom and knowledge by that age. Not all people develop them, and some people never have the trouble of wisdom teeth ever! We technically get 4 wisdom teeth, but not everyone gets the same number.

The Uses of Wisdom Teeth

In today's society wisdom teeth are treated as a nuisance and are considered to be of no use whatsoever. They cause nothing but problems and pain when they are erupting, since we have smaller jaws and therefore experience problems such as crowding and in some cases infections may also develop in the mouth due to them. Dentists estimate that 85% of all people get their wisdom teeth removed before the age of 35 and most people get them removed before they even reach 20. It is considered to be wise to have them removed as early as you can.

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