The Probable Causes of Toothaches and Proper Ways of Managing Trauma to the Teeth!


Ever experienced a toothache all of a sudden? Then wondered where on earth that searing pain came from? Well it just might be one of several causes that can range from your jaw clenching to a minor case of gum disease, or it may just be a reaction to root sensitivity.

There may not be many good dentists around if you are living in a small town in America but you need to look after the health of your teeth in order to prevent tooth aches and trauma to your teeth.

Causes of Tooth Aches

You may never find out the cause of your toothache in the middle of the night, but if you go to a good dentist they will be able to identify the cause and also provide you with an immediate solution as well. Gum disease may be a cause of the ache, since the bacteria can often dissolve the bone, which is located around the root of the tooth.

Gum Disease

When you acquire gum disease, the gums recede and the bone around the roots start to dissolve, exposing more of the tooth root in the process. This makes the root without protection from the bone and the gums, and therefore becomes extra sensitive to cold, sour and hot foods. In some cases you may notice a sharp and severe pain in the jaw and the teeth whenever you eat anything, cold, hot or sour.

Tooth Sensitivity

There are several factors which can impact on tooth sensitivity and as a result cause toothaches. You should take extra care of your teeth if you start developing sharp pain in your teeth after anything that you eat. In some cases the sensitivity is very severe, rendering you unable to eat anything solid or drink anything hot or cold and you will have to visit the dentist under such conditions.

Protection against Tooth Sensitivity

The best ways to ensure that you never acquire tooth sensitivity is to brush and floss twice a day without fail and also adhere to an oral plan that improves your oral health. You should also change your brush if you fall prey to tooth sensitivity and get a brush that does not irritate the gums, so that the already exposed root does not get more sensitive.

Tooth Trauma

Experiencing tooth trauma is definitely not pleasant and is often when you chip your teeth, get a broken tooth or dislodge a tooth. The pain is unbearable and requires emergency dental help, since if they are left untreated, it can develop into much more serious oral health care problems in the future. However, it is best not to panic in case you experience any dental emergency, and you should keep calm and try to manage the pain while you go to the dentist for treatment. It is best to let the dentist solve the problem, so you shouldn't try to fix broken or damaged tooth yourself.

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