The Most Effective Solutions for Teeth Sensitivity!


Everyone enjoys a cold glass of water or a nice hot steaming cup of coffee early in the morning. That is if you don't have teeth sensitivity problems. It is a growing problem that is affecting everyone living in America today and people who face this condition have to avoid eating anything hot and cold for fear of that sharp sensation in the teeth.

Getting to the Root behind Teeth Sensitivity

So what exactly is the reason behind this frustrating problem that affects so many people today? Every tooth is covered by enamel, which is a protective coating. Once the enamel around the teeth starts to erode or decay, it exposes the inner, softer part of the tooth, known as dentin. This makes the teeth extra sensitive to anything hot and cold and as a result you get that sharp pain whenever you try to eat something.

There are many reasons why the enamel erodes away from the teeth, one of the common ones is incorrect method of brushing, which can lead to gum recession and as a result expose the dentin around the tooth. Grinding your teeth, cracked crowns, or clenching the teeth repeatedly can also lead to teeth sensitivity. Eating foods that are high in acidic content will also facilitate the erosion of enamel around the teeth.

Preventive Measures

Damaging the enamel around your teeth is irreversible, since the enamel does not grow back once it is dissolved. Therefore, you should do all in your power to preserve the precious enamel around your tooth in order to be safe from teeth sensitivity. This can only be practiced through good dental health and oral hygiene, and some ways to do that are:

• Regular visits to the dentist and keeping the 6 monthly appointments.

• Learning the proper brushing technique. An electronic toothbrush helps in preserving the enamel while also cleaning the teeth properly.

• Cut down on beverages and acidic food. If you are unable to do that then thoroughly rinse the mouth after eating such items and brush your teeth 30 minutes after consumption.

• Wear a mouth guard when going to bed in order to prevent teeth grinding and clenching, both of which cause enamel erosion.

Controlling the Damage

In most cases, no matter what you do, the enamel around your teeth erodes eventually and you find that you have acquired teeth sensitivity. It may be due to gum recession or not proper care given to your teeth during your adolescent years, but whatever the reason, you should try to control the damage with the help of your dentist. Here are some damage limitation exercises for controlling teeth sensitivity problems:

  • Get major dental treatments
  • Apply fluoride gel
  • Use special toothpaste

If you have acquired teeth sensitivity, then you should work in close consultation with your dentist, since that will allow you to deal with the condition in an effective manner.

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