The Importance of Saving Your Teeth-Root Canal

Basic Oral Care

Did your dentist just tell you that the only option you have left to get rid of that horrible toothache is a root canal? Well as bad as the news may seem to you, actually it is for the health of your teeth. Yes the process can be a painful experience, but would you rather have your teeth and gums destroyed or get the infected tooth cleaned up? The best way to keep the fear away is to find out all you can about the procedure and become aware of how essential it is.

Why Root Canal?

A root canal becomes a must when the teeth and its surrounding areas become infected and start decaying rapidly. The surgery becomes essential because the nerve and/or the pulp of the tooth catch the infection and deteriorate. The procedure is nothing but the removal and cleaning of the infected area, followed by sealing of the infected tooth. An interesting thing to learn is the fact that the process is not that painful. Rather, it is the aftermath of the surgery, the dental care and recovery period which causes more pain.

Still not sure what happens that can lead to the extraction of nerve and pulp? What happens is that the nerve tissue and pulp gets destroyed which leads to the formation of bacteria in the surrounding areas. This infection could cause either an abscessed tooth or some kind of infection. The abscess can spread to the root of the teeth and damage it from the very core. When this happens, it is not just your mouth that is affected, rather there is swelling in the regions of face, head, and/or neck. If the infection continues to spread, it can also cause loss of bone as well.

So when should you go for the root canal? Here are the signs and symptoms:

• Uncontrollable pain in the affected tooth or surrounding area

• Swelling, redness and tenderness in the teeth and gums

• A pimple on the gum that keeps appearing and disappearing

• The tooth gets darkened

There are many times that there is no prior indication of how badly your tooth has been damaged. But if you see that your tooth is becoming darker, make sure you meet with your dentist immediately. Even if there is no pain, it does not mean that something might not have gone wrong. Be sure to see a dentist and have them examine your deteriorated tooth condition.

Even if a woman is pregnant and needs to have a root canal, it is advised that she get it done because if the process of decay continues, it could endanger the health of the mother, as well as the baby. According to dentists, the second trimester is the best time to get the root canal. Specialists also suggest that antibiotics like Tetracycline should be avoided because they can affect the development of the fetus. Simply visit your dentist and they will be able to guide you best and tell you what course of action you should take.

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