The Best Ways To Prepare Your Children For Their First Dental Appointment

When children start picking things up and forming habits, it is time to start instilling good dental hygiene habits in them. Children get regular visits to the doctors, but visiting a dentist might be something that scares them. Their feelings for their visit towards the dentist also depend on what kind of oral hygiene habits you have helped your children develop at home.

Follow these steps to prepare your child for their first visit:

Step # 1- Help Them Clean Their Teeth

Most dentists prefer bringing your child in for a checkup on their first birthday or as soon as you see the first teeth showing up. Before you leave for the dentist, make sure your child's teeth are perfectly clean. You can get an infant-friendly toothpaste and use your fingers to rub the toothpaste on your child's teeth. Also, consider using a washcloth to wipe away any plaque deposits from the gums.

Taking your children to the dentist at such an early age will help them develop habits to go for regular dental checkups when they grow up.

Step # 2- Tell Them About Teeth

Try sharing as much information about teeth as you can, this will not only tell them the importance of teeth, but they will also be able to understand how healthy teeth help them in the future. When your child is with you, try promoting habits like looking at the teeth in the mirror and doing fun activities like counting teeth etc.

Step # 3- Roleplay

Try playing dentist with your child, take turns, and pretend to be a dentist. If your child is fond of action figures or dolls, pretend to take them to the dentist. You can also use props like toothbrushes, little cups, and flosses.

Step # 4- Set Examples

Your children aren't going to pick up any good dental hygiene habits if you don't practice them yourself. When you are brushing your teeth, call your children in the bathroom and let them see you brush. Make it look fun and interesting.

Step # 5- Support Them

If your child fears dentists, ask what scares them, tell them you will be there during their checkup the entire time. Let them take any toys along and also reward them after every dental appointment.

Step # 6- Introduce Your Child Before Getting An Appointment

Dentists love to meet the little ones and you can most definitely take your child for a visit to the clinic. Hold their hand and show them around, also introduce them to the dentist so that they don't have any trouble coming the next time.

Remember that good oral hygiene always begins at home; develop habits in your children to brush daily so that they start realizing the importance of a healthy set of teeth from the beginning.

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