Nutrition Needed for Healthy Teeth

Basic Oral Care

Nothing can be better for your health than a healthy diet. There would be no cause for sickness if you are eating all the right foods and your intake of nutrition is just right. Same is the case for healthy teeth. If you take the right combination of nutrition, then you will never have to face oral hygiene issues and your teeth will be strong and sparkly all your life. Below are all the foods and drinks that should and should not be consumed for healthy teeth for your kids and you.

Healthy Teeth for Your Kids

It is important to understand that nutritious requirements need to be taken into consideration from early on. This means that from childhood, you need the kids to become aware of the importance of healthy eating. From the very start you should tell them about what or what not to eat. For healthy teeth, children’s diet should include high amounts of calcium and other minerals. Food items like veggies, milk, dairy products, fruits, meat and poultry should be a part of every meal.

If you do not get fluoridated water at home, then ensure that the kids take fluoride supplements and their toothpaste also contains fluoride. Food items that contain too much sugar and starch like chips, crackers, chocolates, soda or artificial granola bars should be restricted. All of these products are some of the worst things for oral hygiene.

Do not ban snacks for kids, just give them things that are good for their teeth and overall health. Get your children in the habit of eating raw fruits or veggies for snacks, as well as nuts, whole grain bread and other such items. Encourage eating home cooked meals instead of consuming processed or fast food items. Once they develop a healthy eating habit, they will be set for life and will not have any difficulty watching what they eat as they grow up.

Healthy Teeth for Adults

Adults need to be extra careful when it comes to taking care of their health, especially oral hygiene. Other than healthy food, adults also need to make sure that they avoid edibles that contain high amounts of sticky items like caramel and dried fruits, as they get caught in between the teeth and lead to the growth of bacteria and infection. Plaque formation also occurs when adults are not careful about brushing at least twice a day. Below is a list of all the nutritious food that should be a part of an adult diet.

  • Fruits and vegetables: If you feel like snacking, eat frozen bite sized fruits or veggies. Not only are they delicious, they are also safe for your teeth.
  • Cheese: Did you know that cheese leads to the production and flow of saliva? What saliva does is make sure no food particles are left hanging around in the mouth.
  • Sugar- and fat-free: If you want snacks, milk or other such things, go for the non-fattening and sugar-free types.
  • Water: Water is more than enough to satisfy your thirst. Avoid the consumption of soda and juices as much as possible.

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