How Fluoride Therapy Helps Prevent Tooth Decay and Cavities!


Not many people know this, but your teeth have their own built in protectors that help provide cover against tooth decay and cavities. This covering is known as the enamel and it acts like a shell over the teeth, and it is recommended that you protect this outer layer in order to maintain good oral health. Bacteria can erode the enamel on the teeth very easily if you don't pay attention to your oral hygiene, and it is recommended by dental care experts that you should get fluoride treatment in order to strengthen and protect the enamel from getting damaged.

This will also help in protecting you against tooth decay and cavities in the long run. It is also extremely beneficial if you get fluoride treatment at a relatively young age, which is why lots of parents are getting their children treated, to ensure healthy and strong teeth in their later years. But what basically is fluoride and how does it work in preventing tooth decay and cavities?


Fluoride is a common mineral that can be found in water and food and is effective in helping recover lost nutrients for the teeth. The enamel covering on your teeth is an important layer and overtime it can weaken and eventually get lost if proper care is not given. Fluoride treatment not only helps in repairing any damage done to the enamel but also making teeth stronger and more resistant to harmful food and drinks. This effectively deals with the problem of cavities and tooth decay as well.

The Benefits of the Treatment

The main benefit that this treatment affords you is the ability to not only strengthen the enamel but also reverse any erosion or damage that may have taken place. Plaque destroys the enamel and fluoride treatment helps in clearing out the bacteria and plaque, while also ensuring that the teeth remain in a healthy condition.

It is recommended that young children should get fluoride treatments so that they never have to deal with the problem of enamel erosion. It is also healthy for their teeth, since it helps them fight bacteria and deal with gum problems such as gingivitis before they have even had the chance to develop.

Many people who have poor oral health can regain healthy teeth again if they get fluoride treatment, and it is especially recommended for people who wear braces. This is because it is very hard to clean the teeth and maintain good oral health when you are wearing braces and fluoride treatment provides an easy solution by getting rid of plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

Things to Consider

If you are getting fluoride treatment for your child, you should consult with your dentist first in order to understand how the treatment works and what measures need to be undertaken by you. Dental experts also recommend that you encourage your children to start using fluoride toothpastes so that they get even better oral health care and protection for their teeth against tooth decay and cavities.

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