The Basics for Tooth Whitening Explained!

White Teeth

There are many people today who have the consistent problem of yellowing teeth. Some people are born with that problem unfortunately, while others have to deal with such problems with age. There are certain external factors which also contribute to the yellowing of your teeth and they are usually contributed by surface stains, which lead to discoloration of the teeth:

• Smoking or chewing tobacco

• Eating blueberries and cherries, food which are highly pigmented

• Drinking tea, red wine or coffee

• Accumulation of tartar as a result of tartar that has hardened

Then there are the external stains that can also cause the similar problem of teeth discoloration:

• Treatment with antibiotic tetracycline during the formation of teeth

• Teeth discoloration as a result of the aging process

• Extensive trauma to the teeth as a result of nerve damaging causing it to discolor

• Over use of fluoride during the formation of teeth

It is absolutely necessary for people to understand the importance of clean and white teeth. There are lots of people living in America right now that are suffering from the very same problem and as a result have no confidence in themselves, since yellowing or graying teeth gives them a bad appearance.

Ways in Which you Can Whiten Your Teeth

You need to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned by an experienced dentist, who will remove most of the external staining on your teeth. You can also help lessen the stains on your teeth through whitening toothpastes between your dental visits. If you have had stained teeth for quite some time you may need to get your teeth cleaned professionally to remove the external stains.

To remove the internal stains on your teeth, you may be required to get your teeth capped, bonded or bleached, depending upon the severity of the problem. Your dentist will recommend which treatment will be most effective for you according to your condition and in order to do so, they will consider:

• The type and degree of staining on your teeth

• The structure of the remaining tooth and if any changes are needed or desired by you

Understanding how Teeth Whitening Works

Your dentist will recommend the proper method for teeth whitening that is suitable for you, and it can be done through bleaching. The tooth-bleaching method will clean the stains, but your teeth may become very sensitive during the entire process. Your dentist may either suggest an at home whitening process or an in office whitening process.

At home Whitening

This is one of the most common teeth whitening processes recommended by dentists today. It is a very effective treatment and the dentist prescribes teeth whitening kits in order to help you remove the stains from your teeth.

In Office Whitening

This is an expensive procedure and is therefore the less preferred option by many people. The dentist will administer you with whitening bleach or the whitening agent, in order to provide you with the shine your teeth need.

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